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Category: Fun Things to Do

Picture Books Build Your Child’s Vocabulary

Picture books are brim full of elephants, monkeys and giraffes! Hear and see! When a child hears the name and sees the picture – both at the same time – it makes that previously unknown word much easier to recall. Most especially when that same story is read over and over – three or four times! Read it again! When the same word and the same picture are encountered three or four times over the course of a few days, that visual image and that name become permanently imprinted. Picture books are the best way to build a child’s vocabulary of brand new words!

Much to Learn from Colouring in with Oobee, Doobee and Friends

Practise with a pencil Colouring in gives little fingers hours of practise perfecting their grip – a vital step in learning to write. Hand and eye coordination Colouring in develops the fine hand and finger muscles which are necessary to make a pencil go where the eye wants it to go. Creativity Colouring in is a child’s first lesson in drawing which helps them compose their own drawings later on.